Zonice Rovers are essentially, a gathering of a very passionate and driven 'Scouts' with the love for outdoor adventures cultivated from the old days of learned scouting activities. Zonice Rovers is registed with the Scouts Association of Malaysia (Persekutuan Pengakap Malaysia/PPM) as a Rovers Group. Registration number M.9893.

Our mission is to Provide, Unite, Share, Work, Develope and Enjoy. Beside our roles in making the Scout Movement more interesting; we are here also to cultivate the importances to understand and to love the mother nature with the correct attitude. We teach them to be One With Nature by enjoying the natural beauty throught eco-adventure tours, educational eco-camps and events. Pioneers in activities such as cycling tour & sports climbing also provided us valuable resource and add extra value in our programs.

Our valuable collaboration with premiums & attires manufactures has help us to increase the quality of the scouts attires and sourviniers. We have now over 100 scoutings items in our retail stores. To futher strangten our commiment, we had been appointed by PPM as the sole producer for the new scout membership card for the whole of Malaysia.

Our Zonice Training Center allowed us to have a permament base to further achived our goals. With 4 acres of land situated beside Forest Reserve Institute (FRIM) near fringes of rainforest reserve, its a playground in the garden of eden .

Beside our qualities scouting retails products, we also specialised in organising activities such as cycling tour, eco camp/tour, climbing events, and dark cave adventure tours for all ages. Should you need any help in promoting or exhibition on the scouting/youth movement in your school. Please do contact us. We will be happy to assist you for Free!!